Tuesday, January 31, 2012

VW might start on Passat and Jetta in diesel

When Volkswagen launch premium sedans in India , the believe tanks of the producer that there will be enormous insist for diesel vehicles in India in near future and therefore launched the premium sedans , Jetta and Passat in diesel alternative merely.

Now VW is speculate to come up with Jetta and Passat with petrol engines carrying TSI tag. Speculations are the cars might launch as soon as February with several detection of TSI Jetta being tested in the region of Pune. It could be noted that the German manufacturer might use 1.8 liter , 160 bhp engine , which currently powers Superb and Laura from Skoda , which is a supplementary of VW. If everything happens to be in order and as intended then we strength see the company launching together the cars at similar occasion.

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