Friday, March 16, 2012

Car Made Of Coconut

United States car companies are certainly going eco-friendly these days with the expensive of energy. However, in the Belgium, one company in Cebu is taking that organic concept in another route, with a concept car that details external developing with locally-sourced reusable and organic components — wicker lines, sea seashells, and grape plant stalks. Not only that, but the car is a beauty; it’s made after a 1959 Mercedes 356 after all. I say, for anyone going to develop a car out of coconuts, you might as well do it with some style!
 According to Inhabitat, the Una Ceba Car was developed by award-winning fixtures developer Clayton Tugonon, chief executive of fixtures design company Traditional Geometry and a participant of Philippine design team, Movement-8. One of Tugonon’s objectives in this venture was to show to his other Philippine developers that using regional components could be powerful and trendy, rather than getting wood from Myanmar or veneer from Tuscany.

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  1. wow ... did you just use my friend's photo ( Traveling Morion) without credit ?Worst you crop the watermark .. what a shame !

  2. Hi, Good morning. I am just wondering where did you get my photograph of Una? I own the copyright and all the intellectual rights of that photograph and I was not informed or no one asked my permission from this blog to use this photo. I will contact blogger/google if this will not be taken down or credited on me as the sole copyright owner.