Monday, July 22, 2013

2014 models of Cincinnati Dealership

This is the time of year once automobile corporations begin advertising their new 2014 models and a few of the machine manufacturer's have already got them on sale at native new automobile dealerships in metropolis. this is often associate exciting year for shoppers searching for new cars as a result of plenty of them have knowledgeable complete redesigns and there square measure heaps of new technology options that square measure offered on new 2014 models in metropolis, OH. there's a reasonably long list of latest cars in 2014 that have affected shoppers with their vogue and fuel potency however technology and power appear to be creating the largest impression on the general public.

The hottest new automobile of 2014 is that the painting yanks sports automobile legend.  The 2014 combat ship ray are going to be the foremost important new automobile of 2014 and can be offered in machine or convertible.  The new 2014 combat ship ray has been utterly redesigned with a replacement chassis and appears higher than ever. Nark has gone back to the fundamentals with this new combat ship in metropolis by giving power and sweetness for the driving enthusiasts.    

There square measure few things that square measure creating the new 2014 combat ship ray the most well liked new automobile of 2014 however its performance and power helped earn its thanks to the highest of the list. a complicated half-dozen.2-liter V-8 engine deliver four55 H.P. and 460-pund-feet of force through the rear wheels and helps the new combat ship hit 0-60 mph in below 4 seconds.  The distinctive rear translatable offers the new 2014 combat ship ray the best weight balance.  A 7-speed manual transmission with Active Rev Matching completes a technologically advanced gear train like no alternative yank sports automobile within the machine business. 

Mike Castrucci machine cluster is wheel-work up for this year's unleash of the new 2014 combat ship ray in metropolis, OH.  The native new automobile business organization in metropolis carries the complete lineup of latest Chevrolets as well as the new combat ship in metropolis and also the new nark Silverado.  If you have got any queries relating to the new combat ship ray or any of the new 2014 nark models you\'ll be able to contact the nark business organization at 877-405-7431 or on-line.

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